The new Queens Bus Network Redesign is progress.

By Walter Hook and Annie Weinstock

  • At borough borders, where routes often terminate unnecessarily.
Existing bus routes converge on Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights Station (left). The first Queens Bus Network Redesign proposed to straighten many of those routes and turn them into a grid (right). Source: MTA
  • Downtown Brooklyn to Jackson Heights: Currently, to travel between Jackson Heights and Downtown Brooklyn, one would take the F train, which goes all the way into Manhattan and out again, and takes about 50 minutes. The first draft proposed the QT4, which would have provided a direct connection between Downtown Brooklyn and Jackson Heights, replacing the current B57 with an ultra-limited stop service. This has been turned into a red limited with the same new routing, which seems reasonable. Its not time competitive with the F for end-to-end trips but serves all the points in-between with a reasonably quick service into Downtown Brooklyn or Jackson Heights.
  • Steinway to Williamsburg: The first draft proposed the QT2, an ultra-limited between Steinway and Williamsburg. This has been downgraded to a local route Q68, which partially replaces the discontinued Q101 which currently goes into Manhattan. Downgraded, this route will have so many stops that it is unlikely to attract many passengers.
Express bus routes from Glen Oaks have low productivity and face frequency cuts



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